Communications and Media

Assignment Requirements: Speech/Presentation


Thank you for the recent chapter summary 🙂

It is another chapter summary request.

I will be attaching PDF file, and please summarize only these two chapters.

Chapter 1. On problems of the emotions in sport and leisure.(4 pages)

Chapter 8. Sport in the process of racial stratification: the case of the USA. (4 pages)

This time, please summarize it into the speech/presentation format (so I can read while presenting).

Please kindly summarize the chapter by indicating the sub-headlines(divide by sub-titles).

Past summary about media sports was missing some of the contents, and I understand it is hard to put all the info in just 3 pages. This time, I would appreciate it if you would please little more focus on the message what the chapter is giving us.

Once again, thank you very much!

Best regards.

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