Comparison of Marx and Locke: views about labour and property

Assignment Requirements


Please follow the guidelines I will upload.

Required textbook: Business in Ethical Focus An Anthology
Edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand J. Vaidya

Please read these two texts.
John Locke, Excerpts from The Second Treatise of Human Government
Karl Marx, “Extranged Labor”

Essay Topic and Guidelines for Essay Writing: 2074F




Write a paper on one of the following themes from the class syllabus. Broadly put, these themes include: What constitutes a just distribution of wealth? How much information must an advertiser disclose to consumers in advertising a product? Are corporations obligated to pay a living wage when operating in the global context? What rights and obligations do employees have in the workplace? You will be evaluated on clarity of exposition, on your ability to argue in support of a position, and on your ability to argue against rival positions. You should compare and contrast two authors on a theme, but you do not need to discuss all of the arguments made by the authors you are examining. Rather the point is to critically engage these essays with a view to making the case for your thesis. The paper should be double spaced, 6 to 7 pages long, and it is due on June 17.



Here are some questions you should keep in mind in writing your paper:


Does your paper have a clearly articulated thesis?

Is the thesis supported by arguments?

Are these arguments logically structured?

Do you make use of the primary texts in defending your thesis?

Have you anticipated potential criticisms of your position and demonstrated why your position is superior to rival interpretations?

Is your writing clear and to the point?

Is your writing technically flawless, free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?

Do you have proper documentation in a consistent style?


Please note: In addition to submitting a hard copy of your essay in class, you must also submit your paper to:


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