Consumer Traits and Behaviours Paper and Presentation

Assignment Requirements


Prepare a 2,100- to 2,450-word paper in which you examine consumer traits and behaviors.

Address the following:

Identify at least three psychological processes and three social processes that may influence consumer behavior.
Explain the importance of understanding the influence of psychological and social processes on marketing communications.
Explain the relationship between consumer traits and behavior. Provide a specific example.
Analyze how social and cultural settings influence consumer behavior.
Examine the reasons why consumers interpret marketing messages differently.

Include at least eight peer-reviewed sources. (MUST use the references attached).

Format your paper consistent with APA guideline, including references.

I just need do stage 3.

I already do stage1 and 2, and i will also upload that 2 doc to you, plz have a look.

this assignment need some excel calculate.

stage 3 just write a little approach is ok, put the important point on the recommendation.


Please find below some further information on the last stage of the major assignment. Basically it’s a list of suggestions based on the key things I’ll be looking for when marking the assignment.



1. pls be more focus on recommendation and why we should recommend that. 2. we need calculate the PPI which is the portfolio performance index in week 8 lecture notes. 3. stage 3 is related to stage 1&2, especially some calculation results, pls check the report i sent to u.


week8 lecture notes is important i will upload soon.


Your final report should be written with a specific reader in mind: a professional colleague (say your boss) who wants the answer to a specific question. Hence, you need to clearly articulate the question you’ve been researching, how you went about it (modelling assumptions/approach) and your findings and conclusions. In writing your report you need to strike a balance between keeping the report informative enough for the reader to understand what you did, what you found and why you make your recommendation – without getting bogged down in uninformative detail (such as the mechanics of your calculations in Excel and needless explanations of basic concepts). As I’ve explained in class, it is particularly important to be clear about how you did estimation, rebalancing, testing and your associated assumptions.

The reader should get a clear understanding of your recommendation and the reasons for it, however, if your results are not clear-cut, then you should explain that. Don’t oversimplify. There is usually need for caution, and you should always demonstrate an awareness of the limitations of your analysis.

Your final report should be presented in the form of a coherent professional report – not something that is patched together the night before you submit (and hence full of repetition and/or contradictions). Coherent means that the content is synchronised and presented in a consistent style.

In terms of presentation: include clearly labelled tables and diagrams that you refer to in the report. Only include the summaries of results that are informative and interesting. Don’t forget that the main report is relatively short (10-15 pages is not much). Also: include page numbers and please ensure that you spell and grammar check the final document.

Be sure to include an executive summary and a clear indication of the specific contributions of group members.


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