correspondence scenarios

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Scenario 2: Your facility is becoming a smoke-free campus in stages, and is now transitioning from the first phase (smoking in designated areas only) to the second phase (fully non-smoking on all hospital property). You are aware that staff congregate in specific areas to smoke, including in their cars in the garage, which will no longer be allowed.


start by developing an internal memorandum to your boss briefly explaining the issue and laying out how you plan to intervene. You will need to be specific about this on several levels:

First, outline how you will let staff know about existing and/or changing policy (the all-staff email in P2:2) and how you will publically communicate the issue through an infographic that will be posted in your facility.

Second, let your boss know that you will also be communicating about the problem with your board of trustees (the letter in P2:3).

This deliverable should be laid out in memo format, and should lay out a specific time frame in which you are taking action.You will be writing as a hospital administrator (you have some leeway to choose a title; some workable options are Human Resources Coordinator, Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Safety Officer, etc.).