Critical Analysis

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answer one of them for 1500 words.

  1. What does Searle hope to demonstrate in his Chinese Room argument? Describe and critically assess this argument.
  2. Explain and critically assess Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean.
  3. Mill proposes that there are different grades of pleasure. Why does he do this? (What problem is it supposed to solve?) Critically assess this proposal.
  4. According to Kant, one is obliged to act according to the Categorical Imperative. Give Kant’s reasons, as best you can discover them, and critically evaluate them. Be sure to include a description and explanation of the Categorical Imperative itself.
  5. It is often claimed that if determinism is true then we cannot have free will. Explain the supposed problem. Assuming that Determinism is true, describe and critically analyse some of the responses that defenders of Free Will could make to this claim. (NB. Do not argue or assume that determinism is not true.)