Critical Behavior in Research Template-Sheila

Critical Behavior in Research Template

•    Base your responses on at least four current scholarly sources, of which two are articles from peer-reviewed journals.
•    Cite references used according to APA 6th edition. Include an APA-formatted reference list.

•    Insert your reference list at the end of the document.

•    Select one of the articles from the Electronic Reserve Readings located in Week One.

Paper must be 100% plagiarism free, write with your own words.

This paper must have a strong introduction with a thesis statement, body, and a conclusion. Must be 100% plagiarism free (must be written in your own words). I will upload the Plagiarism report to you, must be at 0%.
Do not use these words; thus, I, my, we, then, since, now, seeks, all, who, are, use, our, hence, where is, they, be, get, In addiction, or, you, in academic writing

Please do not use author with more two or three in this paper, do not use any author like this “(Karimi et al. 2001)”

The paper must have o % Plagiarism free ( must be written in your own words), and you cannot use passive voice (passive voice is any word that ends with ed, please do not use any words that that end with (ed), for example like completed, that is a passive voice)
And the paper must have examples to state your claim

•    Address an ethical issue raised in the article by answering the following questions. Limit your response of each question to 125 words:

o    What ethical issue is at the heart of the article?

o    Why is this issue important to the conduct of research?

o    What problems might arise if this issue were not addressed by a researcher?

o    How is this issue relevant to researchers in your discipline?

o    How do researchers in your discipline address this issue?

o    What are your thoughts on how this ethical issue might affect your conduct as a researcher?

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