Critically analyse the management of a student whose practice gives cause for concern – Essay

You are required to demonstrate what support you would put in place for your learner in relation to the title above and that meets the intended learning outcomes. The essay will include an analysis that demonstrates achievement of learning outcomes 2 and 3. You need to apply the relevant learning, teaching and assessment theories to support your assertions throughout. Please refer to the learning outcomes (Pages 4 and 5 below) and assessment criteria for the academic level you are working towards within the module handbook in Appendices 6, 7, & 8).

All written work needs:
•    To be word processed
•    To have a font size minimum 11 – maximum 14
•    To have line spacing either 1.5 or double space
•    To have the text justified – equal margins at either side
•    To include page number
•    To include student number within the footer on each page.
•    To have a front cover which states:
o    School of Health & Social Sciences
o    Module Title
o    Academic Level
o    Student number
o    Tutor Name
o    Word count.
2.    Critically analyse the process of diagnosing and mobilising resources to meet learning need(s) and analyse your own actions in promoting patient centred critical reflection on the learning experience.

3.    Critically evaluate the role and professional responsibilities of the mentee as part of the teaching team in the effective deployment of assessment strategies and processes to ensure safe and effective practice

Learning Outcome 2 – Address in Essay and Portfolio

•    Identify student/learners learning needs.
•    Plans and strategies used to meet the student/learners needs

Discuss, critically discuss or critically review what you would do with your student/learner to identify their learning needs, how you have met these needs and justify why – tacking into consideration: Ensure you include a critical analysis of the supporting literature to
•    Learning Theories
•    Learning Style
•    Learning Domains
•    Learning Contracts
•    Adult learning / Andragogy
•    Pedagogy
•    etc

Learning Outcome 3 –Addressed in Essay and Portfolio

•    What is the role as a mentor in relation to ensure safe and effective practitioners
•    Accountability of the assessments you undertake
•    Assessment strategies used with your student/learner and why

Critically discuss what is the mentors role and responsibilities in relation to assessment. Failure to fail and accountability. What assessment strategies can you use in assessing your student/learner. – ensuring you are using the correct dimension / terminology of assessment. Justify why you have used these – such as validity, reliability, practicality, discrimination objectivity (Halo/Horn – Hawthorne effect), subjectivity, removal of bias. Etc. You could also bring in the issues around continuous assessment, competency, taxonomies role conflict etc. Ensure you include a critical analysis of the supporting literature.

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