Critique Myslfe

Assignment Requirements


I will upload my presentation i give to you idea about my presentation.
and critique my classmate i would like similar critique for my classmate but without plagiarism.

My presentation is going to critique construction project management (2) in construction based on the policy Sustainable Development Project .

I was to perform a presentation to my fellow colleagues on the issue of Social and ethical issues in construction and how they are do. put planing for project,

consideration for ,Compliance with legislation , Cost impact analysis ect


After finishing and observing my presentation I was able to evaluate myself and knew what i was supposed to do in future. It was good for me to rehearse before my friends before doing the presentation so as to increase the level of confidence in me since I was not one of the best speakers publicly. All the same, from the critique I received from my colleagues and by evaluating myself, was able to know my strengths and the weakness which will make me improve in the next future presentation.


I realized that the presentation was too fast in terms of talking besides being fidget. When I compared myself to the lecture and my classmate, it was good for me to check my speed so as to lower it during any coming presentation. In future I will try to be calmer and be composed so as my colleagues will see the seriousness in me.


It was important for me during the presentation to keep an eye in all sides of the classroom and avoid concentrating at one area of the class. This will help in catching the attention of the class.



This was a very good experience for me since it prepared my future profession in the construction project management as I will be frequently communicating to other professionals like the clients together with the construction team.

Despite the challenges, I believe that the presentation was satisfactorily. In future it could be necessary to have cue cards for the reason of being familiar with the main idea before my presentation so as to avoid reading everything from the cards and that from the board. This will assist in the mastery of the content.


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