Death and its manifestation in Natural Disasters

Assignment Requirements


This is a final paper for graduation from undergraduate school so it is very important and I expect excellent work.

I would like you to read a book called “Slow Violence” by Rob Nixon, and use this book as your source number one for writing this research paper. When you read the book, you will understand the topic that I would like you to research.

You will also have to come up with new ideas and thoughts to build on the topic of the book. It is like a dissertation where I will have to present a new view on an existing topic.

An attachment will have some instructions to follow.

Please try to give me a first draft even if the work isn’t completed yet in 5 days if possible just to show my professor that I have started my research.



In our seminar, we have experienced multiple ways to study the general yet significant themes of Love and Death. Our goal has been to explore these themes in connection to our own values and own moralities. The final project for senior seminar is your final project at this University. The simple goal is that you produce a work you are proud of and that you are willing to share with various communities.


With this in mind, I invite students to be ambitious in choosing a subject and form that connects to our seminar.   From the very beginning, our goal in this seminar has been to see Love and Death as starting points to discover and unravel so many issues confronting human existence. From the political to social and from the philosophical to the sacred, our readings allow us to follow many paths. Please choose your own specific path for a project that includes rigorous scholarship, strong curiosity, and creative thinking. Your final project must either be a 15-20 page essay of original thought or you must choose a project that reveals your abilities in research, expression, and argument. I am willing to discuss individually your options. However, whatever you choose, your goal is to attain a level of excellence that will impress all of us at the end of the semester.


Here are the dates:


April 20-May 1: You are to discuss, negotiate, imagine, brainstorm, and research what you want to do. The earlier the decision is the better.



Turn in proposal. This proposal must include the following.

1. An abstract of your main ideas or thesis. This is a paragraph were you show what your focus will be. It must be specific and seduce the reader into wanting to know more about your subject.

2. You must have an initial list of sources, and short explanation paragraph of each one, that will give a guide to your direction and research.



The Abstract will be 10% of your grade



Project Due Date: June 9

The project is 70% of your grade


June 11-19: University wide presentation on your research.


This will be 20 % of your grade.


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