Delivering a Successful Project – The Key Tools to accomplish the mission).

Assignment Requirements

I need you to write aims and at least 4 objectives for my dissertation, also write the methodology which is a part of my dissertation.

The title for my research is:

(Delivering a Successful Project – The Key Tools to accomplish the mission).

the main tools I will look for (prinse2, earned value, network analysis …)


The way we must write a methodology as follow:

The methodology should be written as a separate chapter, and in most cases should follow the introductory chapter. Like the introductory chapter, the proposed methodology should be developed at the beginning of the work on the dissertation, and used as a working framework, but may need to be re-written when the research has been completed. This enables you to comment on any problems encountered in collecting or analysing data and how these were resolved. The methodology explains what methods, processes or procedures were used to carry out the work for the dissertation and therefore the methods by which you achieved the aim and objectives. It describes and explains how you conducted the research and why you chose the methods used. It is useful to include a discussion of the alternative methods you considered and the reason, or reasons, for choosing a particular method. It is also important to consider the nature and characteristics of the data and how this has affected
the research. There is a range of methods that you might use. Becoming familiar with the various research methods available is crucial. Some helpful references are given below; these can be used to help you decide on the appropriate methods to adopt. You need to very carefully consider which method or methods are most appropriate for your project.

Dissertation research and writing for construction students
Shamil G Naoum
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann
3rd Edition, 2013

Excellent Dissertations! (Student-Friendly Guides series)
Peter Levin
Open University Press
2nd Edition, 2011

Doing Your Research Project
Judith Bell
Open University Press
5th Edition, 2010

As already mentioned, the methodology chapter should normally include some reasoned justification, for the choice of method or methods. The process of how something is done directly affects the quality of the outcome. The methodology is therefore a very important part of the dissertation and should not be just a list of sources! Neither should it be primarily a theoretical description of a range of research methods without specific descriptions of their potential application to your particular research. As has been mentioned above, it often happens that problems arise with the method or methods chosen and the research may therefore not progress as you thought it would. Another method to progress your work
then has to be found. This should not be considered to be a negative feature. Any research or investigation is the process of finding ways of achieving an outcome by testing various means by which to progress the work. As mentioned, any problems of finding or analysing information, and the solutions you arrive at, should be described in your methodology. It is also important to report, in the methodology chapter, or elsewhere, the implications of any limitations, or difficulties encountered, for your findings and conclusions.


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