Deviance and Social Control

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Each student written paper should be based on at least two readings.  Sources for the projects should be based on at least 2 chapters of a book; 2 chapters of two different books or from 2 known sociological journals. Sources from internet or popular magazines are not accepted.

Using the Elements of Thought:
Purpose: What is the research or the study try to accomplish? What is the main purpose and central aims.
Question: What questions are raised, addressed? Are these questions considering the complexities of the questions?
Information: What information has been used in coming to that conclusion? What experience do we have to support the claim? What information is needed to settle this question?
Inference / Conclusion: How was this conclusion reached?  Is there another way to interpret the information?
Concepts: What are the main ideas discussed?  Can these ideas be explained?
Assumption: What are taken as granted?  What assumptions let to these conclusions?
Implication / Consequences: What has been implied?  If the positions accepted what would be the implication and the consequences?
Points of View:  From what point of view has the study been pursued?  Is there an alternative point of view which challenges the finding / is there any point of view which  could be considered to arrive at the same conclusion ?
Issues regarding Critical Analysis:
Clarity: is the study clear enough? Does it need more elaboration, examples, and illustration?
Accuracy: could the study be verified, tested for its truth and accuracy?
Precision: could the study be more detail, exact, and specific?
Relevance: does the study relate to the problem, question, and issue discussed?
Depth:  does the study show the complexities, and difficulties involved with the issue involved?
Breath:  do we need to do the study from another perspective and point of view?
Logic: does the study make sense, follow the evidence?
Significance: is the study, facts presented and the central ideas important enough to consider?
Fairness: does the study sympathetically representing the viewpoints of others?