Draft a Research Problem

Assignment Requirements: Editing


Based on the feedback you received on the topics in Activity 2, select one of those topics, and draft a Statement of the Research Problem. The draft Statement of the Research Problem should be supported by research literature and should have the characteristics identified in Activity 3.

The documents in the loaded references will be helpful in the actual development of this draft. Use the ‘comment’ feature of Word to annotate the presence of those characteristics identified in Activity 3 within your draft.

The editing is to add comments using the Comment Feature in Word using the loaded references. Make sure the comments are entered in the side margin of the paper.

Sample Problem Statement Direction

Please provide further explanation of your purpose statement see the direction from the DRF below.

Problem Statement (approximately 250 to 300 words) Note: Articulation of a concise problem statement is key to a successful proposal/dissertation manuscript. The problem statement is a brief discussion of a problem or observation succinctly identifying and documenting the need for and importance of the study.
1. Present general issue/observation that in theory or practice leads to the need for the study (in most cases citations within the last 5 years should be included).
2. Present focused problem that leads to the need for a research response. For some degree programs (DBA, EdD) the problem identified might be a practical problem or issue.

Clearly describe and document the problem that prompted the study. Whose problem is it? What are the potential negative consequences if the study is never conducted? Include appropriate sources to document the existence of a problem worthy of doctoral level research.

Many things are not studied, but it does not necessarily mean it is a problem. Why is this a problem? What are the potential negative consequences if this topic is never studied? Whose problem is it? Is it an economic problem? Social problem? What is the nature of this problem and whom does it affect? Describe and document.


Activity 2 Reference


Locating Topics of Interest

List of topics of interest

  1. Concepts Of Wellness And Fitness
  2. The Role Of Parents In Children’s Physical Education
  3. Physical Exercises For The Elderly
  4. The Effect of Poor Weight Training among the Teenagers.
  5. Attitudes And Potential Barriers Of Physical Activity Perceptions
  6. Impacts Of Exercise On Cardiorespiratory Condition
  7. Physical Fitness In The Workplace In Relation To The Concept Of Interval Training
  8. Physical Activity Should Be Allocated As Much Time As Academics In School Program


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