E-Commerce and E-Business

Assignment Requirements


Course Name: Management Information System Course – MBA Level

Topic of the project: e-business and e-commerce

The project should which includes the following parts “minimum 15, pages – maximum 19 pages”: and focus on the following:
Table of contents
Introduction : which includes e-business and e-commerce definition, and how it affects the businesses success and overall summery of the project plans and objectives ( maximum 2 pages)
1. Literature review :about main aspects of e-commerce and e-business, describe the e-business and e-commerce concepts and distinguish the differences between them. and most important findings from peer-reviewed journal articles “not books” regarding e-business and e-commerce. This can be historical data, statistical findings and graphs shows the e-business and e-commerce growth rates, any other important findings related to “e-business and e-commerce”. “Maximum 4 pages”

Body part of the project methodology part, data collection“10-13 pages”. Might include the following aspects:
1. Components and features of e-commerce and e-business
2. E-business models which includes: business to business, business to consumers, consumers to business and consumers to consumers.
3. E-commerce models and discretion of different models
4. Organizational structure for e-business and e-commerce in different business areas : marketing , sales , financial services , customer services.
5. Evolution and Success factors of implementing e-business and e-commerce
6. Future aspects and ways of improvement.
Conclusion: insights, scientific value of the findings, deep ideas or discussions, overall review of e-commerce and e-business project as we mentioned above
2. References: should be from peer-reviewed journal articles, using MLA or APA style. Use intext citation when required.
Here is the project evaluation grade distribution:
Style and structure of the project
1. Table of content .5 point
2. Introduction .5 point
3. Literature Review .5 points
4. Body of the project .5 points
5. Conclusion .5 points
6- References .5 point
Value of the project
1. The relation between the project contents and the title of the project 3.0 points
2- Insight and scientific value of the project 4.0 points

Note: please note that the main subject is e-business and e-commerce>
please follow our plan and for more information contact me to avoid misunderstanding


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