economic factors behind the votes on Iran nuclear dea

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estimate a political economy/median voter model to try to explain votes by member of Congress on this topic. Data by This article can be helpful: Kaempfer, William H., and Anton D. Lowenberg. “A public choice analysis of the political economy of international sanctions.” In Sanctions as Economic Statecraft, pp. 158-186. Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2000. Briefly talk about the 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran and the U.S./Iranian political and economical History. The required minimum number of sources are 12, but you can use as many sources as you want. Use Excel to create a regression analysis, the dependent variables should include votes (1 if yes, 0 if no), democrat or republican (1 if democrat, 2 if republican), income of congressional district, military background (1 if yes, 0 if no). You can use dummy variables with the functions.
The paper should include the data, please paste the models from excel and explain them as part of the data analysis.Please list the conclusion you reach about the factors behind the votes. You should also put the functions, including all variables (even dummy variables if any). Explain in detail the outcome of the regression and median voter models. The 2750 words should not include the free reference page. The reference page should include all sources used in MLA format. The power point slides should include all the necessary points of the research, enough for a 20 minutes presentation. The free title page should not be included in the number of slides, so the total number of slides with the free title page are 10. So the first slide will be the title page, the second introduction, third to sixth talk about the paper, seventh to ninth talk about the data analysis, tenth should be the conclusion. The paper and presentation are very important, so please do your best with them.