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Dear Miami Dade College Advisement Service



I am from a country that has been run whit by Socialist party about for 8 years now , the reason that im mencionein these is because my fallies companys have been taken by actual government and most of our assets had been frozen. These has lead my family to take the decision to create a company in Miami Florida. I had no plans to be involved in the companies activities since I still working my sefl out of collegue , but These last two had not been easy for me. I had no previous exprecien running a company and the last two years had been really crucial for the company stability.

As I mention before ui had no plans to be involved in the companies activites but the people who was working for at the beginning didn’t accomplish any goals . as matter of fact they didn’t not accomplish any sales. Since the company was going to so much trbule I had to personally involved in almost all the activites of it wicht had lead to miss a lot of classes eventually I was withdrawn from them.



Currenlty I have manged to put a great team togher . I have a manager that have been working in the field for several years . We also have a secretary that incharge of the clerical work in the office an Certify Public acontant taking care of all the expemses and taxes and finaly 2 salea a assoates . these team was put togetter recently. Now I am ready teo delegate all the responsabilites of the compny to the new mager and the team which these is gng to allow me to all my time towards my education .



To imporved my academic progress I will take tutor in the all the clases wich I have more dificulites I am going to set ans strict schedule of 3 hors a day to work towards my classes and home works and prijects .



As I ametion before im goint to put 3 hours a day to work in all projects and home works. These will be about 15 ahoues a week.



Now that I have a new twm working whit me I am ready delegate all responsabilities to new Manager and all time will be be hundered percent towards finishing my education



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