Emergency Planning Final

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For your final Portfolio Project, you will identify a disaster where circumstances, politics, and the media have elevated the disaster to a Focusing Event. The disaster caused policy change that affected emergency management doctrine and comprehensive planning at the all levels of government and the private sector. Finally, discuss the future implementation of emergency management. In your opinion, discuss whether the policy improved the capability of emergency management to adequately plan and response to a similar disaster.

Portfolio Project Sections

  • Type of disaster (Focusing Event)
  • Environment (Physical, political, and social)
  • Exposed problems by media and other social outlets
  • Inequities in society and vulnerable populations
  • Policy change
  • Future implementation of emergency planning
  • Personal opinion

The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, not including the title and reference page. Additionally, the paper should properly reference and include at least five research articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in addition to the textbook. Do not use unverifiable sources such as articles without a credible author or institution (blogs, for example).

The following preliminary Portfolio Project deliverables are due throughout the course. See each week’s assignment page for more details and the final Portfolio Project rubric in the Course Information section for more details.

Module 2 Portfolio Project: Topic selection

Module 4 Portfolio Project: Annotated Bibliography (Five references.)

Module 6: Portfolio Project: Outline