Assignment Requirements


This is a 5 question essay style test. Please answer in question format. this does not need to be in a paper format. Please answer the questions and give the appropriate number of examples as requested

  1. Imagine John Smith and William Bradford sitting across the table from each other talking. Describe how they would discuss the similarities and differences of the following question “Why did we come to America?” Be specific.


  1. If Anne Bradstreet’s poetry were developed as orature rather than literature, what would be different and what would be similiar?


  1. Explain how the “Power of Purpose” helped Mary rowlandson ge through her horrific ordeal. Give 5 examples to support your explanation.


  1. Discuss how Jonathon Edward’s Personal Narative reflects Calvinism. Give 5 examples from the writing to support your discussion.


  1. How does Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography reflect paradigm #2? Include 5 examples to support your answer.



These answers come from the book The Norton Anthology American Literature volume 1 Beginning to 1865.


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