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In your next essay you will be asked to respond to these issues in one of two ways. Choose one of the four topics detailed below.

1) Comparison Contrast Essay In a Comparison/Contrast Essay, the writer looks at two distinct items carefully in an effort to lead the reader to a better understanding of both. A C&C essay can be organized in Block Format or in Point-by-Point Format, as I demonstrated during the lecture on 4/1/16.

Comparison Contrast A) Language Learning Difficulties.  In your current life you are struggling with English and you should be well aware of what aspects of English cause people from your country the most trouble, whether those might be idioms, prepositions, western-style paragraph formation, etc. However, on the other side of the coin, there are also unique aspects of your native language that make it challenging for English Speakers to master. You will need to do some research to find out what these difficult features of your language are for English-speaking learners. Compare and Contrast 2-3 features that are hard for you to master in English with 2-3 features that are difficult for an English speaker studying your language in an effort to reach a deeper understanding of both languages.


Documentation For each body paragraph (minimum 2 paragraphs) you will need to include at least 3 APA-style citations per paragraph (for a paraphrase, quotation, or summary). The cited material can be included anywhere in the paragraph (beginning, middle, or end). You will also need to list all of your sources alphabetically in a works- cited page at the end of the paragraph