Ethical Analysis of AIDS and needles case

Assignment Requirements: Case Study


Question 1
Describe the facts you feel underpinned the ‘AIDS and Needles’ case (Available on MyLO).
Question 2
Who was the decision-maker in the case, and what conflicting demands did they have to
Question 3
What was the initial ethical dilemma faced by the decision-maker in this case?
Question 4
Using the Utilitarian, Kantian, Rights, and Distributive Justice approaches to ethical
decision-making, provide an analysis of the initial ethical dilemma you identified in the
Question 5
Present and justify the final recommendation you would have made to the decision-maker
in this case had they asked you for advice on how to resolve their initial ethical dilemma.

NOTE: You are not required to define any of the ethical theories in your answer.

A Guide to completing the Major Assignment logically and within the word limit:

The following guide should be used when planning your answer to the assignment case:


Question 1: be sure to include only that information that is directly relevant to the ethical dilemma. The inclusion of information that is not relevant to the ethical dilemma, no matter how interesting, will not attract marks. No introduction, contents page or executive summary is required.


Question 2: be sure to identify the decision-maker that has the initial ethical dilemma in the case, and to detail the competing pressures you believe they faced at the time of their decision.


Question 3: be sure to accurately define and justify the ethical dilemma. Make sure it is expressed as two exactly opposite alternatives, and explain how each alternative is undesirable for the decision-maker specifically (i.e. how do you expect they will face punishment for their decisions?)


Question 4: to answer this question well, you need to introduce each of the four theories in turn (i.e. each theory should have its own section). Ideally, you will apply the steps of each theory to the case as you identify and define them.


Question 5: identify and justify the final recommendation would you have made given the opportunity to consult with the decision-maker before they made their decision. You must explain how the decision-maker could avoid the punishment(s) that you identified in Question 3


References: Your reference list is not included in your word-count. Academic references are NOT required – however, you should provide references for the case facts you include in your analysis (i.e. newspapers, Internet sites, periodicals etc).


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