Ethical News Story Video

Assignment Instructions

GOAL: Create a four-six minute video news story presentation, accompanied by a 500-600 word written script/text of the video news story (with minimum three citations/references) that gives an analysis of a recent ethics scandal, corporate social responsibility scandal, or environment sustainability scandal. Be sure that your presentation makes a definitive statement connecting strategic planning to ethical, moral, social responsibility of organizations. In other words, this is not merely a report, but a scholarly exposé of the ethical effects of strategic planning. Note: This assignment has two parts.

Instructions: PART ONE—Write 500-600 word paper that is written as a news story, and give an analysis of a recent (last three years) management scandal involving ethics, corporate social responsibility, or environment sustainability. Connect the news story you present with the need for ethics and social responsibility in strategic planning. How could a more effective strategic plan affect the issue(s) included in the news story? See Chapter 9 in the course textbook to introduce the overall subject material, and to give you suggestions about where to locate appropriate news material (Hint: you must not write about Rhinos, a topic in the forums). NOTE: This paper will not be examined for APA compliance, but will be checked for appropriate source verification. Therefore, show your sources clearly (using citations is the most effective way to link sources with references). The writing should contain a minimum of three scholarly citations/references beyond your textbook (use the APUS Online Library as resource). A title page and references page are required, but APA will not formally be graded. When you create a YouTube of your news story (see Part Two), include the link in the paper on the Title Page as the second line under the title.

Each file OF YOUR WORK should be named in the following manner: Last name–truncated Week Number-Assignment name (abbreviated if necessary)

For example: Smith-Wk03-Ethical News Story

QUESTION: Why do students need to submit a paper along with the video of the news story? ANSWER: So the professor can check for originality—to ensure that the information presented in the news story is original (or paraphrased) material from the student.

PART TWO—Create a video using the paper as a news story script. The video portion of the assignment may be created in YouTube so that only a link needs to be submitted here (recommended). Or, you may upload an MP4, QuickTime video, or equivalent (under 25MB; larger files not allowed for upload).

Submittal of Paper and Video:

Upload your paper (.doc) and video in the assignment section for grading as a Word.doc attachment. Place the link for the YouTube as the second line on the Title Page under the title of the paper.

Grading Rubric/Assessment: See Video Grading Rubric (Note that the quality of the written paper is assessed in the rubric under the “Preparation” section)

NOTE: If this is your first video, let this serve as a way to expand your skill capability in management practice. If you need help, you can always ask. If YouTube is too challenging to figure out, produce your video on an iPod or SmartPhone and send it in that way. This is your time to shine!