Ethics of Enterprise and Exchange Phil 120

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you are to explain Aristotle’s views about economic life, succinctly using both our Aristotle and Meikle texts. Your paper should be about 1200 words, divided evenly between the five questions you answer. Answer questions 1-4, then choose whether to answer 5 or 6.

1. Explain Aristotle’s distinction between use value and exchange value.

2. Why does Meikle claim that Aristotle’s view is that exchange value itself can systematically deteriorate ethical and political considerations, so that “Ethics and Economics are competitors over the same ground, and one can prosper only at the expense of the other.”(109)

3.For Aristotle, what would a notion of fairness in the
exchange of goods be?

4. What is the difference between ‘natural’ and unlimited,
‘unnatural’ wealth-acquisition, and what is Aristotle’s problem
with the latter?

5. Why should the natural art of acquisition be subordinated to the art of household management, rather than be allowed to acquire unnaturally without limit?

6. Explain Aristotle ‘s use of the Delphian knife metaphor