Europeans and the New World

Assignment Requirements


Discuss the conflicting view the Europeans held of the New World and its inhabitants. What originally shaped this view and how did this view evolve from the end of the 16th century through the first half of the 17th century? In your response, give at least 3 specific historically examples demonstrating this conflicting view and/or how they might indeed solidify this perspective one way or the other. Hint: You must discuss De Las Casas.

In writing your essay, make effective use of the content modules, textbook, 1 primary document from RTAP and the 1 essay in IOAH. Additionally, make sure to copy and paste your essay.

Short Essays: Each essay will include references to the readings from the textbook, 1 primary documents from RTAP and 1 Essay from IAH as well as lectures/notes (unless otherwise noted in the instructions). Each essay should be 500-750 words (post word count at the bottom of the page). Essays will be evaluated on research, understanding of the material, and writing skills (syntax, grammar, organization, etc). Also, students must cite all information borrowed from any of the above listed sources. If a student does not cite her/his sources, she/he is plagiarizing and, consequently, will receive 0 credit for the assignment. Students are not to use research sources beyond those assigned for this class, thus, doing so will result in a significant reduction in points. Cite all information borrowed throughout the essay in parenthetical format as well as include a works cited page. Student’s work cited page does not count as part of the word count.


Henretta, et. al., America: A Concise History, Vol I (5th Edition). ISBN—13:978-0-312-64328-7
Johnson, Michael, Reading the American Past: Selected Historical Documents, Vol I (5th Edition). ISBN—13:978-0-312-56413-1
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