Excel charts/table

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Create a document to compare data between 2013 and 2014 through two pie charts, a grouped bar chart and a table.

In year 2013, the interstate Telephone company bought and installed 100,000 relays. It used these for long range testing programs that assessed failure rates. It purchased 40,000 Nestor 221s; 20,000 Van Court 1200s; 20,000 Macro R40s; 10,000 Camrose Series 8s; and 10,000 Handy SP6s.

In 2014, after assessing the success and failure of the relays, the Interstate Telephone Company made new purchases of 200,000 relays. It bought 90,000 Van Court 1200s; 50,000 Macro R40S; 30,000 Camrose Series 8s; and 30,000 Handy SP6s. No Nestors were purchased.

Document Production: Label each chart and table, font size 11 point, font type Arial, footer containing the name of the document left, page number center, and author’s last name right.