Financial analysis

The format for the Financial Analysis upload is as follows:

Cover page:

Your name, selling company, product or service name, buying company, semester. You can re-use the cover page from your FAB but DO NOT send the previous two sections.

At the minimum one page per section, but if you need more there is no limit.
It should be eye-catching and follow the graphic you used in your seller’s profile and financial analysis. At a minimum use the buyer’s logo on the benefits page although you can use both logos as needed.

It must include three sections; spreadsheet chart, profit/revenue graphs and notes page. Headings are not necessary.Each section is worth one third of the grade. See the grading rubric by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner.

Spreadsheet chart:
This page should specify the elements you are selling. If it is sold by the unit, be sure to list costs and price by the unit. Case information should be included on the notes page if applicable.

Profit/Revenue graphs:
These should be integrated into the color scheme and layout of the proposal. Be sure numbers are consistent and axis are properly labelled.

Notes page:
This can be added to either of the previous two pages provided it is not overwhelming. You only need to document original math. All wholesale costs and retail prices should have a third party source. Your sales forecast logic should be stated.