Financial Analysis

Assignment Requirements


Please follow instructions in attachments. Needs to be followed exactly please

Excel: gives financial details of new project
Word document (PDF): give current analysis needed to be analysed
Power point: gives instructions on how everything is to be laid out. It also gives the information of the mine that needs to be analysed.

Can you please ensure all workings out are shown in a mathematical table form and any other items that need to be expressed like pricing of project etc. are done so in a graph form. These illustrations are not part of the word count of 1650 words

Please ensure that the evaluation approaches from page 5 (Adobe)are assessed.

Please ensure that the all question are answered, and that the writing format in the slides are are followed (Power point slides).

Please ensure that the figures and data are utilised from( Excel).

I have to hand in the assignment Thursday morning in class, so deadlines must be met as I can not give any extensions.



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