FINU 607 – Week 7 – Homework 7

Assignment Requirements: Multiple Choice Questions (Non-time-framed)

FINU 607: (The class is called Financial Management, so please try to write from that perspective)


PROMPT: Do the Pearson MyLab homework. Homework #7.


To access the homework:

Sign in – Username: yyyyy

Once you get in, you can click on “FINU607” on the left side, under MyLab & Mastering. On the next page, go to where it says My Upcoming Assignments. Right under there will be the link for the homework. In this case you will click Homework #7. Please complete ALL the questions. If it asks you for an email at the end, put in mine, which is xxxx. In this case, I believe the number of times you can re-do each question is unlimited so you can keep trying till you get a good grade. Please do a good job. This class is very important to my grade. Thank you. When you finish click OK. Don’t let them know you are doing it for me. Thank you and good luck.


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