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Assignment Requirements


I will upload two documents.. one contains the details of whats needed with additional info.. and the other contains an example to help the writer know what we are expecting as well as what the proff wants

  1. Written group project: Developing a Marketing Plan for International Market Entry


The project consists of developing a strategic marketing plan for entering a chosen/ assigned foreign market with a specified existing Canadian consumer product/service. This product or service must be environmentally friendly; a green product, eco friendly, or renewable resource. You will be required to provide a detailed background of your real or hypothetical company with regards to the international market you have chosen. You will also be asked to define the objectives of the proposed company with regards to the international market you have selected.


A critical first step in developing a marketing plan for international market entry is the justification of the assigned country market to enter. In this first phase of the planning process, targeted countries are analyzed and a summary is developed to demonstrate sufficient rationale for market penetration. Some of the variables used at this stage include: GDP per capita, culture, climate, geography, market conditions etc. Once you select a country, a detailed country study from the point of view of business is in order.


The second part of your project involves the “mode of entry”. Here you are required to establish the best entry method into your respective market. You must offer an extensive justification in your selection including a short description of why you rejected other possible modes of entry. Be sure to present it as the optimal entry strategy with regards to risk vs. return and how it is in-line with your overall strategy. (short term or long term). In order to do this you should conduct a thorough competitive analysis.


The third part of the international planning process involves the development of a strategic marketing plan for your selected foreign market. This phase should address product positioning, segmentation and a sustainable marketing mix strategy. Be sure to explain how your firm and its product/service will address local market needs. The important thing of this part of the project is to demonstrate the difference between the Canadian marketing strategy and the foreign strategy.

The report should be a maximum of 12-15 pages (typed, 1 1/2-spaces), excluding the executive summary, the appendices and any other supporting material. This is not an English Literature class, your report must be designed as a Marketing tool that will be read and used as a resource for a business audience. The writing style MUST reflect this approach, however you must include footnotes in the report and a bibliography. Due Date: June 23rd.


Here are some useful tips on the team project reports:


Assume that a top-level consultant and/or the top management of your firm will read this report. Bear in mind that the reader is unlikely to have the same in-depth understanding of the information that you have at your disposal, so your report will need to specify any assumptions that you make, and clarify any points that may not be evident to the outside reader. Some other writing tips:



• Organize your report well. Tie all your information together, so that the report “flows” smoothly. Be sure to link the ideas together with transitions that help lead the reader through the arguments. The report should be more than three or four sub-reports stapled together without consideration for cohesion and flow.


• Write deductively. Make the main point at the beginning of the paragraph, and then support it with facts, elaborating on whatever you need. Include only sentences that relate to the main point. Use short, crisp sentences and paragraphs. Think of this report as a recipe for a successful business plan. Offer a STEP-BY-STEP plan to follow.


• Use headings to help the reader to know what you are discussing; label the paragraphs and/or sections so that the main points or topics stand out; use an index. Be sure to include an executive summary. Number your pages; include a complete bibliography as well as all URL sites with dates of access. A significant part of your grade will be based on how professional and convincing your report is.


• Make reasonable, concrete recommendations. Identify and consider alternatives. Discuss implementation issues. Be creative.


Teamwork is a valuable resource. It allows you to build the cooperative, critical thinking and interpersonal skills that are essential in the workplace.


Additional points:

  • We have already chosen the sustainable product which is solar panels .. the company we chose is Canadian solar and the purpose of this report is to take that company and its product to a BLACK AFRICAN country, where it would make sense to have it there …
  • Choose the country that needs such a thing and justify why

We will be uploading an example of a paper done by another group so the writer can tell what the prof is expecting


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