Assignment Requirements


Answer all the questions

1. What is the role played by media in the construction of an individual�s body image?

You will need to:

1a) Summarize Susan Bordo and Graeme Burton�s arguments.

1b) Analyse ONE woman�s magazine and ONE beauty advertisement and discuss whether they testify to the arguments made by the two critics.

1c) Discuss whether western media has an effect on the identity formation of people in other parts of the world? You will need to include an analysis of Anne Becker�s essay as well as ONE other source that you will need to research yourself.

Essay Guidelines: Please read carefully

Your essay must contain several references to and quotations from AT LEAST three academic sources (books or peer-reviewed journal articles). These must be referenced properly, according to APA guidelines.
Two of these sources should be taken from those that I posted for you on mycourses.
At least ONE of these references must be from an academic source that you find yourself (books or academic journals only please).
Essays that contain less than three references/quotations to the above-mentioned academic sources will fail the assignment.



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