Assignment Requirements

Answer all 5 questions (275 words per answer)
1) In Tomlinson�s view, what is the relationship between complex connectivity, culture and globalization? ( link to the reading:,%20John.pdf )
2) What, according to George Ritzer, is “McDonaldization” and what are the four principles by which it operates?(Ritzer) To what extent do you agree with Ritzer’s argument that “most contemporary phenomena” are affected “directly or indirectly” by McDonaldization? Give at least TWO examples to support your answer.
3) Pieterse argues that there are three main perspectives on cultural difference: the ‘clash of civilisations’ theory that focuses on difference, the cultural convergence theory that focuses on sameness and the theory of cultural hybridization that focuses on mixing. Which of these three do you find the most convincing, and why?
4) How does Martin Wolf�s argument in Why Globalization Works differ from that of John Hilary�s in The Poverty of Capitalism? Which of these two arguments do you find more convincing and why?
5) To what extent is the growing power of big corporations being contested around the world? Is this resistance necessary? Give at least TWO examples to support your answer.


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