Health Care

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Conduct research to learn more about health-care systems in another country, for instance, Canada, France, Japan, Israel, or the United Kingdom. Determine  specific advantages and disadvantages of the health-care delivery system so that  it can be compared to the U.S. health-care system. Compare each system with that of the U.S. health care delivery system. What lessons about health care could the United States learn from other countries ? What lessons might other countries learn from the United States. about health care could the United States learn from other countries? What lessons might other countries learn from the United States?


In a maximum of eight(8) type written pages( microsoft word )  your paper should address all of the content in the assignment in addition to:

a. An introductory paragraph on the social problem your paper will be addressing

b. Background information

c. Research on the important areas listed in assignment

d. Relationship to social problems content areas discussed in your textbook

e. Conclusions –consisting of at least two paragraphs devoted to your opinion about the social problem you researched.  .

3. Submitting the Report:

a. Paper should adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA ) style for writing research papers including appropriately cited references in text and on your reference page.   At least five (5) references should be used including your textbook.

4. Grading will be determined by:

a.    General organization and adherence to APA including neatness, spelling, and grammar

b. Fulfillment of the overall requirements of the assignment

c. Development of contents (quality)

d. Relationship of social problems course material



Often in organizations, situations arise, without notice, that require employees from different departments to work together against a short deadline and deliver solutions. This group organizational change project is designed to facilitate the study of an actual situation in an organization/business of your choice while applying the concepts and themes in this course.

The group must select a target organization. The target organization may be a private, government, or non-profit organization with which at least 1 of the group members is familiar. Remember that you will need to select an organization for which you are able to collect considerable information in order to create a comprehensive case.

Types of change might include mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, new strategic direction, globalization, public image failures (BP, Toyota, Facebook, Goldman Sachs), macro-economic change, political/legal shifts, or some other type of organizational change.

The following information must be included:

1) The names of all group members;

2) A title page;

3) The name and a description of the target organization (industry, location, income/budget, number of employees, etc.);

4) A description of the change process the group will explore (150–250 words); and

5) An initial list of at least 5 peer-reviewed sources you expect to use on a separate reference page in current APA format. (You may use more; this is just an initial list.)