History of Florida

Assignment Requirements


I have 4 separate topics as you can see below based on readings which I will attach. Each assignment should be approximately 400 words with it’s own thesis, argument with supporting facts, and conclusion. Document formating is not important (spacing/title page etc) just the word count.

1. (Readings 5&6) Between 1821 and 1877, political control over Florida was hotly contested. How did these contests for power play out over time? Who, by 1877, ultimately won? How?

2. (Reading 7) Think about dominance as a concept for organizing a history. How might the period between the 1880s and 1920s be organized by thinking about human attempts to dominate time and space, the environment, and each other?

3. (Reading 8) Why was it that Florida�s boom lasted in the years following World War II? What factors were in place to make it longer lasting than earlier booms?

4. (Reading 9) In 1955, Time magazine featured Florida�s governor LeRoy Collins on the cover with idyllic images of a �bathing beauty� and orange blossoms to celebrate what looked like a bright future for the state. In 1981, Time again featured Florida on the cover, but this image had a frowning sunshine and numerous images of crime and violence inside the words, �Paradise Lost?� What factors in the state�s history between the 1950s and 1980s led to such a drastic change in the state�s image? How fair were either of these images to the reality of life in the state? (see attached document titled Journal 6 to see magazine covers in question)


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