How did Julius Caesar affect Rome?

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment and Rubric The annotated bibliography is the core research tool for the Research Essay. First off, the bibliography lists the works cited information from the sources you examine for your research. Secondly, the bibliography summarizes the content of the course, which aides in integrating the source into your writing project, as well as providing you with a database of concise, diverse ideas. Lastly, the bibliography critically analyzes these sources and explores their relativity to your specific writing project. The annotated bib begins with an accurate works cited entry, following MLA or APA format. The format for each entry can best be determined by referencing a style guide such as your LB Brief. The annotated bibliography entries will be listed alphabetically by author’s last name (normally), as they would on a works cited page. The second and subsequent lines of each entry are indented one-half-inch, allowing the reader to see where a new entry b