How Erectile Dysfunction can interfere with a mans self-image as well as his and his partners sexual life-Term paper.

How Erectile Dysfunction can interfere with a mans self-image as well as his and his partners sexual life.
—————– The requirements for the term paper include:
1. Length is 5 pages (typed, double-spaced, approximately 1 inch margins) Font size can’t exceed 12 pitch.

2. Use at least eight different professional/academic references.
? A bibliography should be included.
? Students need to document quotations, statistics, or other definitive information used in the body of the paper
? Use the APA format.
? Use every reference at least once.
? No more than half of the references can be websites
? Students must use some professional articles/journals/books as part of their references.

3. The paper must be an original work prepared for this class.

————- The suggested format for the paper follows:
1. Introduction – one or two paragraphs explaining why the topic selected deserves study. While some of you will pick a topic for personal reasons, do not write your paper in the `first` person. This is to be a term paper, not a personal essay.

2. Analysis of Articles – in the analysis, students must demonstrate the new knowledge gained from the readings. This must go beyond information covered in the online class discussions and the textbook.

3. Summary – two to three paragraphs to draw conclusions and bring closure to the paper.

5. Bibliography (the bibliography page is counted as one of the mandatory pages)

————— Grading of term papers takes the following points into consideration:
1. Meet all requirements for length, number of references, citations, and bibliography.
2. Organizational flow and continuity of information; logical presentation of material that does not skip around.
3. Depth of analysis demonstrating new knowledge gained beyond information covered in online classes or the textbook.
4. Ability to bring resolution or conclusion to the paper.
5. Spelling and grammar.

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