Human Resources

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A quick note, to give you a tip on completing your week 2 project assignment.  First, you will choose a training subject and then discuss the before and after how learners grasped what you taught them.  For example, if you were going to teach someone how to make coffee, what steps would you take to make the coffee?  Don’t overwhelm yourself and you can use the past or current training if you wish.

Previously, you selected and analyzed a group of adult learners. Based on the group you chose:

  1. Make a decision on the content or skills to train them on. Choose a subject that will allow you to gauge their performance before and after the training, you have completed. Justify your decision by discussing benefits and consequences for conducting the training.
  2. Develop a strategy on how you will gather information on content needed in your Instructional Design. Your reading defines task analysis and illustrates possible methods you can use. Take your knowledge and build your own method. Be sure to have confidence and write as if you are the expert here.
  3. Based on the training group you chose; make general assumptions of the learning capabilities of your members. What would you do to gain a better understanding of the learning capabilities of your group?
  The final portion of this project requires you to delivering an actual training. Consider choosing the type of training you wish to deliver from your current skill set.