human service organization

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This information should come from Chapter 10  in Management of Human Service Programs by lewis, packard, lewis fifth eddition “evaluating human service programs”


Youth Services Case: Evaluating Human Service Programs

Read or re-read Lewis, Packard, and Lewis 5th. Ed. Chapter 10 “Evaluating Human Service Programs”.

Review your case and the decisions your group has made so far.

My group has put together organization called “HOpe for Youth” we are an organization that helps to get children off the streets, out of gangs, out of abusive homes, drugs etc.  We provide a safe haven for them.  We offer alot of counseling, family counseling, job readiness, education etc.  We consist of a board of directors, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses administration and volunteers and of the course the head of the organization


  1. this is the assignment:
  2. Who will be receiving the evaluations of your agency or program?
  3. What kinds of information will they need?
  4. Outline a process evaluation for your project.
  5. Outline an outcome evaluation for your project.
  6. How will you determine if your project is efficient (i.e. cost-effective)?
  7. Outline a process for determining cost effectiveness.
  8. What issues do you anticipate you will encounter in evaluating your project?