Impact of emotional confidence on consumer purchase behaviour

Assignment Requirements


I need your help. I insist on you because you are knowledgeable on the research proposal.

Please find me the gap ( I talking on real gap is on the literature) after develop the title according to the my professor instructions:

1) Find the real gap: The title of your project must reflect the context. Gap meaning is the missing element in the literature?
-The choice of ipad was not accepted. do not use any device?
– As well as hedonism was not accepted
2)Aims and objectives: Why this research significant?
Real Gap?
How your proposed research will fit in to the existing body of academic knowledge?
3) Context:The issue is around how emotional confidence influences consumer buying decisions and the context in the setting for the study. The context comparative studies or cross cultural could be suitable for this type of research.The consumer buying decision model also needs identification and how this links to emotional confidence needs further exploration.A model should be identified?
4)To review the literature identify the knowledge gap?
to identify what these authors may have suggested as to further research required in the field.
The rationale for selecting a teenage was very not use students. find another things provide justification

4)Key research question should be 3 research questions which is so simple? do not write difficult?
5)Research Methodology: qualitative research identify and justify?how are you actually going to do research? are you going to do survey or interview? if so with whom?
Relate with retail. do not work on psychology.
What is the hypotheses?EXPLAIN what is original or new ? how your research will enhance knowledge?

Product and sample so much important it depends on your ability?please be careful

Please be meticulous this paper is really so important.


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