Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Assignment Requirements


1. What is the problem that you observe in your workplace or another workplace you have knowledge of?
2. why is this an issue that must be addressed?
3.what chapter topic is the issue related to ?
4. What theories or findings outlined in the chapter are relevant?
5. What do the theories/concepts say about the issue in the workplace?
6. Based on the relevant i/o psych findings, what is your hypothesis regarding why the current organizational practice is not as effective as it should be?

– the book we are using is, “Industrial and Organizational Psychology” by Paul E. Levy.
– I am currently a nurse, I was thinking about using the different motivation factors, chapter 9, to keep nurse retention high. I also used to be a waiter , so maybe using different hygienes and motivators, or maybe something on leadership, but honestly I really dont care. I just dont have the time to do this.we only went up to chapter 13, which is leaadership.
Thank You , if you have any problems or questions, please contact me.


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