Information Systems strategy Open book Exam

Assignment Requirements


There are four topics that u need to complete in my case study exam for Information Systems strategy:
1-Electronic and mobile commerce technology.(NOT related to case study).
2-Enterprise system.(NOT related to the case study)
3-Cloud computing. (related to the case study)
4-Portal value chain analyses. (related to the case study)

i have uploaded 2 files for you.The Exam case study file, I also have provide you with my 4 topics including some of the important note that i have tried to write down when my lecturer was mentioning it ,this file under the name of (4 topics+important note) find it in the attach files area.

please not that first 2 topics are NOT related to the case study (1-Electronic and mobile commerce technology. 2-Enterprise system). The other 2 topics left are related to the case study, that i have uploaded for you, the 2 topics are: (1-Cloud computing. 2-Portal value chain analyses ) u need to consider using the case study when complete these 2 topics left.

Please note that i have something called Open book exam and ur assignment is to complete this order carefully and successfully. Thanks


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