Innovation Management

Assignment Requirements


Please give me a draft once assigned to a writer.

This project provides me with an extended opportunity to undertake sustained, self-directed research that enables me to locate and explore in-depth your practice within the area of innovation management. I will need to propose, investigate and critically appraise the feasibility of this project.
In doing this I will need to investigate, test and push the boundaries of the subject area both as it is �traditionally� defined and as we locate it at the intersection of discourses of business, design and culture. To do this I will not only show a critical understanding of the key theories and practices within and across these discourse areas (the �traditional� and our approach), but also bring learning from other areas (from across the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities).

As this particular work is the research plan of my future dissertation I will need to outline a research plan that will allow me to investigate the Hypothesis I have proposed:

Advertising agencies are so used to borrowing, remixing and appropriating ideas from culture that they are not presenting compelling new ideas. It is through the mixture of a new model of design thinking and design activism that these organizations will create innovate and transformative ideas and processes that will truly move and engage consumers.

It will be necessary to identify the methodologies and methods, tools and activities, theories and practices, you will need to mobilise in my project in the investigation of this Hypothesis. Within this, I will need to outline the field research � including prospective hosts in London (advertising agencies), what these hosts� innovation capabilities are currently, where the innovation management opportunities lie and what you hope to learn.

Research Plan

The Research Plan (1,900-2,000 words) provides the following:

1. an outline of the methodologies, methods and tools to be used in the conducting of this project;
2. an examination of the key companies, organisations and other actors for whom this agenda/issue is key/relevant;
3. identification of the risks, dangers and other uncertainties which delimit this agenda/issue;
4. identification of the management opportunities and problems that may be faced by this project;
5. identification of the key discourses/theories which are at work in this area;
6. identification of the field research (placement) opportunities (eg. host organisations) and an evaluation of their innovation capabilities;
7. Bibliography, properly formatted.

I will upload the guide to the Harvard system of referencing of my uni and as is master’s program I have to based of it in books.

It might help to see what I want to do:


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