Integrating Ethics into Practice

Assignment Requirements


I have already paid for the prefer writer fee therefore please assign this to my prefer writer id 286370. This is a two part assignment. The first part is to answer the question listed below and second part is to review four peers paper and follow the response guidelines. Please answer and label the questions accordingly. This is a critical thinking, graduate level essay. Part I: Answer the question separately with two additional references are required. 2. In-text citation on every paragraph. 3. Please label all sub-heading. 4. APA formatting and style. My professor reviews my paper and will provide feedback and she usually requires for addition clarification in regards to what have been written. Therefore, I will forward to you the question(s) from my professor. Please answer the question(s) accordingly. Per class requirement, all papers must be submitted to Smarthinking for review before I can submit it in therefore please revise the paper according to Smarthinking suggestion. Part II: Response Guidelines- please follow direction for response guidelines. In-text citation. Course Reading Material: May, C. B., & May, G. S. (2012). Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants (9th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall. Essential guide to APA style for Walden students. (2014). Retrieved from
Readings :

Dummett, J. (2008). Ethics in a global environment. Intheblack, 78(5), 52-53.
Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database

This article considers the increasing importance of ethics and how they are interpreted and used in the expanding global business environment.

Kranacher, M. (2009). Accounting and regulation and ethics, oh my! The CPA Journal, 79(11), 80.
Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database

In this article, the author discusses how the continual changes in the accounting industry lead to increased regulations and an increased awareness of ethics.

Pacini, C., Hillison, W., Fennema, M., & Placid, R. (2004). Attorney-Client privilege: CPAs and the e-frontier. Journal of Accountancy,
197(4), 64-71.
Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database

The authors of this article discuss how enhanced technology has changed the business environment and now requires a greater level of discretion and security when working with sensitive client information.

Su, S., Kan, C., & Yang, H. (2010). Cross-cultural difference and accounting ethics: An empirical study for accounting students. International Journal of Organizational Innovation (Online), 2(3), 161-185.
Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database

This article offers insights into how ethics are defined, interpreted, and used in varying cultures.

Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts. Retrieved from

This website lists and explains the essential accounting concepts that every professional accountant should know and understand.

Q1: Integrating Ethics Into Practice
Among the accounting concepts listed on the FASB website, choose 2-3 key concepts and expand on their significance. How have the concepts you selected applied to your professional experiences and is that application likely to change in the near or distant future? How do the 11 concepts impose on the performance of your regular duties? How does ethical practice complement the 11 concepts?

Respond Guidelines
1. Ask a probing question.
2. Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings.
3. Offer and support an opinion.
4. Validate an idea with your own experience.
5. Make a suggestion.
6. Expand on your colleagues’ postings


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