intellectual capital -qualitative research method

Assignment Requirements: Research Paper


Dear writer
This work is for writer with advance knowledge about qualitative research method and intellectual capital.
This is a small research paper about measurement of intellectual capital.
In this research I am using ground theory with one interview.
This work consist 5 steps.
Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are completed.
I need you to do step 5.
I want you to follow the guideline. You can find it in the file name: Step 5 guideline.
I want you to do an equal job to the pdf. Document name: Example of Assignment 2; make this document as second guideline.
The research methodology is ground theory. The method is case study. For the case study I did one interview.
Try to use some of the references in: Example of Assignment 2.
I done step 4 by myself. I will upload 2 documents : Coding Summary By Source Report and step 4.

Step 1& 2 file name: draft_modified.2
step 3 file name: transcript john
Step 4 files name: coding, Coding Summary by Source Report and step 4.
In step 4 I start with open coding then I moved to axial coding.


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