International Business

Assignment Requirements


Research the balance of payments situation of the US in the period 2008 to 2010 in relation to previous years. Next, consider influences such as US citizens, workers, businesses, investors and government approaches to potential improvements for the period 2011 to 2021. Focus on one area and provide a vision based on research in the textbook and at least two other recent quality sources. Include who pays for any solutions you suggest, do not suggest some agency, identify specific groups and their demographics.

Content should be between 600 and 900 words with at least three references and citations (the textbook might be one).

It is my expectation that you use the case methodology outlined in the Case Response Expectations folder. This methodology will help you to optimize your submission.

You should use APA 6th edition citations, matching references, and a cover page. See the β€œRAW” folder under Course Materials. The APA 1 and APA 2 documents will provide valuable assistance for APA.

Criteria 1:All 8 Parts of the case – All 8 parts are included in the submission.
Criteria 2 . Introduction and analysis – Explain Very short! What is the problem (SWOT in some cases) Include an objective, timeline, identify stakeholders.
Criteria 3: Related Assumptions and alternatives solutions – Identify related assumptions and their relationship to the problem expressed in the analysis section. Three unique alternative solutions (may have missed 1 or 2 vital details). On the related assumptions.
Criteria 4: Evaluation and recommendation- select any of 1 tool. Map should be detailed enough that others could follow your process and have the same result.
Criteria 5: Implementation and conclusion- Walk through the process implementing the recommended solution. Short conclusion which links the problem, the analysis, the recommendation and the implementation..
Criteria 6: Identify Lessons Learned – Include challenges and experiences (generalize
Criteria 7: APA Format – (+.0 pt.) None at all Considered punctuation, grammar, spelling, paragraph/sentence structure, citations, references. Ideally followed example paper using section/sub-sections, figure/table number/title, 1.5-2 line spacing, 1 in. margins, running header with page number, etc.


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