International Business

Assignment Requirements


Please see both attached files.

3000 Words needed and Reference list (in Harvard format)

This assignment is the second part of the first assignment which was written by the writer ID 179589 .

I attached the part one of the assignment as well .



This assessment item is Part 2 of your International Business Report and focuses on Topics 7 to 12 of this unit.

Having now completed a major analysis of the environment in which your business will operate you will need to prepare Part 2 of your International Business Report which will analyse the final macro element (ie culture) and offer strategy recommendations to your organisation. Your assessment will again be in report format and should cover the following:

Executive Summary (a 2 page (maximum) summary of key findings, strategies and outcomes).

Introduction to the report.

Brief background to company and selected international country: ie brief approx 2 page synopsis of Assessment 1 (Topics 1-6 as well).

Additional analysis reflecting your further country analysis (Topic 7)

Recommendation for entry mode and multinational structure/competitive strategy with
justification (Topics 8 and 9)

Marketing and R&D considerations (Topic 10)

Recommendations regarding production (Topic 11)

International HRM issues and considerations (Topic 12)


References in Harvard format

Note that you need to ensure that you refer to the theories covered in the Topics 7 to 12 within your report demonstrating your understanding of these theories and concepts and their application to international business. As with the first part of this Task, you are expected to find sources beyond your textbook to strengthen your arguments.

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.


The aims of the assignment are:

    • to provide you with an opportunity to apply the theoretical ideas and models you have studied to a real organisation;
    • demonstrate the application of the knowledge gained in the first six (6) topics to the development of strategies and marketing decisions in an international market (Topics 7-10);
    • allow you to develop your information searching and critical thinking skills; and
    • provide you with further experience in academic writing.

It addresses the following learning objectives for this subject:

    • be able to discuss the appropriate criteria for the form and location of an international operation;
    • discuss the strategies, tactics and manoeuvres of international marketing as they relate to managing an international business enterprise;
    • be able to recognise trends and reactions in worldwide companies based in industrial or less developed countries.

Marking criteria

In assessing your assignment we will expect you to:
• demonstrate an understanding the material covered in the subject
• be able to discuss clearly, and critically the issues under consideration
• demonstrate appropriate research and referencing styles
• show an ability to relate theoretical material to practical, everyday organisational situations
• critically analyse the material under discussion, not just repeat what you have read or been told, and
• present a report written in an appropriate style and format.

A copy of the marking guide for this assessment item will be posted in the Resources section of your
Interact site for this subject.

More detailed Marking Criteria in the form of Marking Rubrics will be available in the Resources section of Interact


As is the case with Part 1 of this Major Assignment, a report format is required, the details of which are contained in an earlier part of this Outline.


Students should ensure their report addresses the following:

Key strategies

Is a suitable strategy presented that explains the position that the organisation should try to achieve in the overseas country?

How sensible are the strategies in light of the information gained in Assessment 1?

How reliable or realistic are the strategies? Do they demonstrate sound understanding of international business?

Critical Analysis

Is information gained in Assessment 1 applied when developing strategies?

Is adequate consideration given to macro-economic variables and country specific issues?

Are company and competitor issues evaluated effectively?


Has research from a range of authoritative sources been integrated into your work?


Is the report developed logically and well-structured? Does the writing flow well?

Writing style

Is the overall impression of a convincing professional report, with credible logical arguments supported by theory and facts from published sources? Is the style concise and lucid to give a coherent succinct summary, or is it difficult for the reader to get the point? Is the grammar and language appropriate for a postgraduate level academic report?


Have you presented a quality product with tidy layout, and free of typos?


Have books and articles which have contributed directly to the assessment been acknowledged appropriately in Harvard format throughout the report?

Has a well-formatted reference list been included?


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