International Business

For this assessment you produce a document presented using digital or multi-media. This document should be an infographic which visually documents the content as per the assignment guideline below. You can produce a short video or an A1 sized infographic sheet.

The infographic will highlight the ‘Emergence of new economies and the decline within Europe: using examples of BRIC, MINT, PIIGS, BREXIT.

Graphics, images, statistics, tables etc. should all be used to engage the reader and show how the trading economies of the world have changed. The decline of the EU and the rise of economies in India, China, Brazil etc. Brief explanations should be provided either in text or diagrammatic format.
Overall the key learning outcomes assessed include:

13. Demonstrate a clear ability to source information and to present this using correct acknowledgements and referencing of all sources

P1 Carry out research into issues relevant to trends in globalisation.
T1 Communicate effectively using a variety of media and formats
T2 Apply a range of Information technology skills when researching and presenting information