International Business Environment

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In this assignment is a 1000 word count essay + around 400 words PowerPoint presentation more than 10 slide which have 1 task. You can +10% words in if need. This assignment is a 1000 words essay + around 400 words PowerPoint presentation.

The main areas of focus will be:
1. The impact of the need for growth and emerging Markets

Subject specific learning outcomes
1. Analyse cultural heterogeneity across markets and business organisations
2. Analyse key political processes and economic initiatives affecting businesses
3. Identify and evaluate social trends and consumer behaviour across markets
4. Evaluate the impact of legislation in specific business sectors
5. Assess the importance of continued growth and the impact on business planning and strategy

Generic learning outcomes
1. An ability to deploy accurately established techniques of analysis and enquiry within a discipline
2. A conceptual understanding that enables the student to solve problems
3. Ability to manage their own learning and to make use of scholarly reviews and primary sources such as research articles or original materials
4. The ability to apply the methods and techniques that they have learned to review, consolidate, extend and apply their knowledge and understanding, and to initiate and carry out projects

A synopsis of the curriculum
The Business Environment examines the key macro-environmental factors affecting companies operations. The module will seek to assess the impact of key institutions and their influence on business strategies in distinct sectors. The implications of the need for growth will be analysed in the light of contemporary developments. Growth opportunities will be analysed in relation to global business developments and with specific reference to UK based organisations.
There is emphasis on making recommendations for strategic business options within a global market.

In this assignment all you need to write: 1000 words essay

A paragraph of introduction

The impact of the need for growth and emerging Markets

Lastly a paragraph of conclusion



Around 400 Words PowerPoint presentation 10 slides or more

The essay should be 1000 words or +10% in length. Please ensure that you include a front cover, contents page and bibliography. also around 400 words for PowerPoint slides more than 10 slides . You should use the Harvard method of referencing throughout the presentation.

Academic requirements:
• Your work should be word processed.
• Your work should be submitted in essay format
• Harvard style of referencing must be used.
• All pictures from any secondary source should be referenced appropriately.

Wiki pages and blogs will not be accepted as appropriate sources of evidence

Remember in this essay, if you found an article and putting into the essay, please put the references as well. you could also use the internet link as a reference

I will also so sent you all the PowerPoint that I have got.

If you have any misunderstanding please feel free to ask.