Is The college the best option

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​​Assignment 5: Bibliographic Essay For this assignment, you will write a 7-10 page essay (1,750-2,500 words) to inform your readers about the variety of viewpoints related to the topic you choose to write about. You will also need to identify a specific audience for your essay. The purpose of a bibliographic essay is not to take a side in a debate but to explore as many different sides of the issue as you can. In other words, your essay should answer the question, “What are the issues relevant to the topic I am writing about?” You must choose a topic based upon the following Readings from the book They Say/I Say: IS COLLEGE THE BEST OPTION? (PAGES 205-296) No more than 10% of your essay should consist of quotes from your sources. Most of the essay should consist of summaries and paraphrases of your source material, as well as your own ideas and commentary. Your essay should have 1” margins all around, using 12-point Times New Roman font. I will provide you with additional formatting