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LIVE JAZZ PAPER (550 words min.)


Attend a live jazz performance. This can be a concert, recital, or nightclub performance by either a


nationally known or a local group. The instructor will be able to advise students about South Florida jazz


Thomas McCormick / MUL2380 / Music, Theater & Dance / 8222 / 305.237.2282


venues and upcoming events. Also check the New Times, Miami Herald, and other local newspapers. Jazz


concerts are often advertised on radio stations which feature jazz such as: WDNA (88.9) and WLRN (91.3).


Include proof of attendance such a ticket stub, program, photo or receipt stapled to the paper. In


addition to whatever you feel is significant about your experience, you should include: the date, time, and


place of the performance; the instruments that were played; the form of at least one of the pieces you heard;


the names of the performers; and the price of the event. Give a detailed account of your personal


impressions of the music (what you liked or disliked and WHY). Identify the style and period of jazz you


heard. A sample live jazz paper can be found online at: