Juvenile Justice Special Topic Evaluation Essay

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7 pages not including reference page. (you don’t need write tile page, just essay of 7 pages plus reference page).

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Analyze a major problem facing today’s juvenile justice system and evaluate in way in which the juvenile justice system has or has not addressed the problem. Propose a solution to the issue that you have selected.

Some possible topics for this project include (fell free pick any of the topics listed below)

  • Disproportionate minority confinement
  • Recidivism
  • Gang issues
  • Growing influence of female gangs
  • Drug use
  • Juvenile curfews
  • Zero tolerance policy for/with school searches
  • Socio-economic factors affecting delinquency
  • Parental liability for juvenile offenses

Your project must include:

  • An introduction to summarize and define your topic, including a clear statement of the problem or issue of concern
  • Summaries of current, relevant research from at least 6 credible sources
  • Discussion of the implications of proposed solutions for juvenile justice system
  • Your evaluation and conclusions regarding possible methods of managing or addressing the problem. You are encouraged to add your own opinions; however, those opinions should be carefully considered, logical, and supported by evidence or outside rationale.

Cite a minimum of six scholarly academic peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and textbooks to support your responses that are not provided in the course.