Leader in the Industry

Assignment Requirements


Here is all I need and has to be exact! please dont forget table of content and cited source page.

Individual Research Paper Guidelines

The purpose of this paper is to assist the student research, investigate and report on an historical leader. This is to be a research report � you must draw heavily on resources outside of your personal experiences and framework of the courses taken in your educational background. As a future hospitality manager, it is important that you are familiar with the published resources available, other than trade magazines. A research paper is a thorough investigation of the leader that you selected. The length and depth is only limited by your time, effort and ambition. You will find more than enough resources to research your leader.

1. Once your topic has been selected, plan on spending time familiarizing yourself with materials dealing with it;
2. Make an outline of the aspects of the issue you are investigating and you plan to writing about. This outline will become the �Table of Contents� of your written report. The Table of Contents must include page numbers;
3. Select a minimum of 10 publications/articles as references in writing the report. You may not use textbooks as your resource material. A minimum of 3 of the 10 publications should be refereed journal articles from research journals. If you are in doubt that you are using refereed research journals please ask. These resources will be included on the �Reference� page; a separate page to be included at the end of your written report. Research journal articles must be dated after January, 2001. No publications should be dated prior to January, 2001; books may be substituted in lieu of a research journal; Please see or email a Research Librarian to assist you with any research questions;
4. Prepare the written report. You must include an �Introduction� (Page 1) and �Conclusion/Summary� that follow the requirements indicated on the Research Paper Rubric. The body of the report should be written in a way that works for your topic. Each topic will lend itself to a different format. The paper must be narrative; do not use lengthy quotations or numerous bullet points in the body of the paper; do NOT write in the first person for any formal research paper;
5. The body of the report must include a section that discusses your leader applied to/in the hospitality industry in a logical, cogent manner. This section must be your work supported by citations from published sources. If more than 20% of this section is taken from other works, your grade will suffer greatly;
6. The paper is to be a Minimum of 10 pages (not including title page, table of contents, lengthy quotes, tables, or case examples which should be placed in an appendix) in typed, doubled spaced with 1″ margins, top, bottom, left and right. Use only 12 point type with either �Times� or �New Roman� font; others will not be accepted. It is critical that the paper conform to the length requirements or your grade will be impacted. See Research Paper Rubric for specifics;
7. Pages must be numbered; the page starting with the Introduction is page 1. The introduction is preceded by the Table of Contents (see guideline 2 above). Reports should include a Title Page with title of report, your name, and the date. Following the title page you should place your Table of Contents and then the Introduction;
8. This is a research paper, citations are not only a necessity, but a requirement. Unless the work is your own, failure to credit the source is plagiarism. If you plagiarize a work you will receive a failing (F) grade for the paper. If in doubt – ask. The Writing Center is a resource available to you. TurnItIn will be used to check for plagiarism. Papers with more than a 20% use of cited material, or papers using material not cited, will receive a zero for the paper;
9. A proper bibliographical citation must include author, name of book or journal, title of article, volume and issue number, page numbers of article, publisher, and year of publication; Do NOT use non-authoritative internet web pages as sources and do NOT use Wikipedia as a source; Do not use textbooks as sources;
10. Please proof your paper for typographical and spelling errors as this severely detracts from the content of your paper.
11. You are required to submit your paper online to Turn It In via Learn 9 by the deadline. Specific Instructions for submission will be provided to you in class. Please carefully review the Research Paper Rubric for specific evaluation criteria;
12. Grading criteria will be indicated on the rubric/evaluation form in Turn It In. NO REPORTS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEYOND THE DEADLINE. Reports may be submitted any time prior to deadline;
13. Deadline = See Course Syllabus
14. Papers submitted that are less than 10 pages in length following guidelines as indicated above will not receive higher than 70% on the paper and are likely to score much lower;
15. The purpose of this paper is to have you investigate an historical leader and present an opinion, applied to the hospitality industry, and then applying �lessons from your leader� to your own leadership style/behaviors. Therefore, the paper logically progresses from an introduction of the leader and why he/she is important to a review of the current literature to a discussion section to a conclusion/summary section to the references utilized and any additional information pertinent to the topic in an appendix.
� Cover/Title Page with title, name, student ID, and date
� Table of Contents with applicable page numbers
� Introduction
� Body of Paper includes leader�s Hospitality Industry relevancy/tie in
� Conclusion/Summary
� Analysis of leadership style and how it is applied/relates to the author�s personal leadership style/preferences
� Pages numbered starting with the �Introduction� page
� Formatted per guidelines: 12 Pt font, Times New Roman, 1� margins, citations per APA formatting
� <20% citations/originality report
� Bibliography/References: Minimum of 10 including book/refereed journals, properly formatted per APA
� Submitted to Turn It In by deadline


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