Management accounting case report

Assignment Requirements

Case Analysis and Case Report Requirements

These are both individual assessment tasks. Each component must be worked on

Each component is to be no longer than 10 pages (excluding cover page, table of
contents, reference list, appendixes and marking guide). The word processed
submission should meet the following requirements: font type of Times New Roman,
font size 12, double spaced with 3cm margins. The assignment is to be written in lay
language but must indicate a sound conceptual understanding of the key issues. For
work submitted that is more than 10 pages and do not meet the above requirements,
marks will only be awarded up until the equivalent of 10 pages, double spaced, Times
New Roman, font size 12 and 3cm margins all around.

The submission is to contain:

? A word processed document that is spell- and grammar- checked;

? All written submissions must be structured as a report. The structure of a
report is available on the unit�s Blackboard site under the Unit Resources tab.

? Completed Cover Page and Marking Guide attached to the front of the
assignment (available in the respective Case Analysis/Case Report folder on

? There is no necessity to submit an executive summary or a covering letter;

? Students should use the Chicago referencing style when preparing the
assignments. More information can be found on this style from the Library
web site:

? The work you submit must be your own. Any plagiarism from other students�
work, from �solutions� circulating from prior years, from �solutions manuals�
or published material will result in an automatic zero score for the submission.
Significant penalties are imposed where assignments are found to be
plagiarised. The University policy on plagiarism and academic misconduct can
be found on this webpage:

? Failure to hand in the written submission to the School of Accounting will
automatically incur a penalty of 10% for every day or part thereof the
assignment is late. Extensions to the written submission due date will only be
considered by the Unit Coordinator (Dr Kenneth Ke) and will be granted only
in extreme circumstance. Applications for extensions must be received in
writing prior to the due date and be accompanied by supporting evidence.

? Prior to submitting your written submission, please refer to the questions in
the document: �Is my report ready?� which is available on Blackboard.


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